Snow Day



When you go to school at a place that’s basically Canada, you don’t really expect to have that many snow days. But the Weather Gods surely (don’t call me Shirley) must have wanted to grant me the fun and cold of a snow day, because last Tuesday the entire university closed due to a snow storm. My first ever snow day!

Everyone went outside for snowball fights, general snow-throwing, and failed attempts at snowmen. Or at least ours were failures, because I did see some pretty big snowmen that must have taken a lot of effort to build. We even saw some really big snow forts. At one point a snowball fight of epic proportions did ensue outside the dorm buildings, but by that time we were all inside, changed into nice and cosey pajama pants, wrapped up in blankets.

Oh gosh, there was just so much snow. It’s almost all melted by now, but there’s a winter weather advisory in our area for tomorrow, so here’s hoping. I did get some pretty amazeballs pictures from the snow day, so here’s one of the many.

Snow days are fun days!

Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.


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