Ulta Beauty – Rose Gold Natural Eye Shadow Palette


Ulta Beauty

Rose Gold Natural Eye Shadow Palette

Ulta currently has a special promotion going on; when you buy $20 or more’s worth of Ulta Beauty products, you get a nice pouch with (supposedly) $88 worth of Ulta brand cosmetic products. I have recently been LOVING anything mint-coloured, so when I saw that one of the options for the bags was mint, I knew I just had to have it (good excuse, isn’t it?).

So I was browsing the website when this palette came to my attention. The last eye shadow palette that I bought was the Naked 3, which is rose gold themed, and since I had been absolutely adoring the shades in that palettes, I had been looking for other palettes that might have similar tones. This palette also happens to be exactly $20, which made it perfect.

I went to Ulta, bought this palette, and got the cosmetic bag. So far, I think the palette is amazing. The colours are gorgeous. The shades according to the description on Ulta’s website are:

Champagne – light golden tan shimmer
Pink – light pink shimmer
Hopeless Romantic – medium mauve the silver shimmer
Chandelier – medium brown with golden shimmer
Luxe – deep reddish brown with pink shimmer
Dahlia – deep plum with pink glitter
Prosecco – light cream matte
Bubbles – light pink matte
Breathless – medium mauve matte
Dessert – deep cool brown matte
Sweetheart – deep rich reddish brown matte
Orchid – deep violet matte


The formula is quite creamy, and when I rubbed my fingers on the shadows they pulled off quite pigmented, and I’m really excited to try it out. I might come back with a new review after using it for a couple weeks, but so far, I love this palette!

Rose gold eye shadows make me Happy with a capital H.

Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.



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