Ulta Beauty – Matte Lip Cream

Ulta Beauty

Matte Lip Cream in Allusive

So let me start out by saying that I got this product as part of a free package, so I did not know how good or not this product was. Initially I was really excited because I like liquid lipsticks, and berry colours are a definite yes, especially in this cold weather.

But, sadly, I don’t think I would buy this lip cream if I had the choice to. The colour Allusive is incredibly beautiful, but the application and how little it lasted make me doubt actually buying this product. The formula is really hard to apply – it’s similar to how some cheap kinds of nail polish have to be applied several times to get a non-translucent colour.

After applying copious amounts in order to get a nice even berry colour on my lips, it took quite a while for the lip cream to dry, unlike what it said it was – matte lip cream.

After a couple hours the lipstick did stay on, but it became a little sticky and weird. So far I don’t think I would recommend this lip cream too too much.

Again, shameless selfie time

It pulled a really dark berry tone when I finally did manage to get it on. So sad – I actually do like the colour so much.

Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.


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