Jor’el Parker – The Original Fango Mud Therapy Face Mask



It’s been consistently warm and humid where I am, and after a couple days of non-stop clamminess, I decided to give my face a treat to fight against the breakout invasion that was threatening to happen on my face.

Remember this little guy from the Ipsy April Glam Bag?
B (4)

I got this mud mask with the April Glam Bag, but hadn’t really had a chance to try it out since I had my trusty Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores (I’ll post on it later!). But since I had to travel with only one big suitcase, I decided to leave the Origins mask behind and bring this one with me.

(That’s something I really like about Ipsy, since a lot of the products are samples, they are not only great for testing out products, but also for travel!)


This is the back of the container with the instructions and the effects of the mud mask (I noticed the writing that states they do not test on animals, which I approve of). While the Origins mask stays on your face for 10 minutes, but this one stays on for only five minutes. I think it would be great when you want to add something special to your skincare routine but feel lazy or don’t have too much time.


Picture of my face right after applying the mask

I felt a slight tingling around my nose as soon as I applied the mask, and for the first three seconds, the mask smelled like artificial lychee. Then it turned into something else I can’t really describe, but it wasn’t bad. It was really easy to apply.

After rinsing off the mask, I feel like my face has brightened a little, and my skin feels really soft. Since there was so much product in the container, I’m going to be able to try it out a couple more times, but right now, I’m pretty impressed. I might even consider buying the full product!

I’m sorry you had to look at my horrifying mud mask selfie, guys.

Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.



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