Coming of Age



One of the best things about being part of multiple cultures is knowing about the different traditions and the meanings behind them. One particular one that is quite literally a once in a lifetime experience is the coming of age day in Korea. The third Monday of May of the year in which you turn 20 in Korean years is Coming of Age Day. This day is celebrated with a gift of red roses, perfume, and a kiss.

I know more about Korean traditions and holidays than American ones or Guatemalan ones because even when we moved to Guatemala, our family retained our Korean traditions. I was really excited about coming of age day, especially because it happens on the same year than my golden birthday (when you turn the
age of your birth day). I told my boyfriend all about it, and how excited I was about it.


And because my boyfriend is the best person ever, he surprised me with a bouquet of roses when I returned from classes on Monday. It’s the third time now since we’ve started dating that he got me flowers: gypsophila (baby’s breath), a handmade bouquet for Valentine’s day, and the roses.

I’ve hung up the flowers to dry, and it’s honestly very aesthetically pleasing. It’s so nice to feel loved in so many different ways.

Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.


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