I Read: Room by Emma Donoghue



I was thinking of new things to write about, and my iPad came into my attention. One of the intended purposes for my iPad when I first bought it was to use it as a kindle too, and I have been reading quite a bit off it, so I thought, why not write about it?

Room is a novel by Emma Donoghue about a young woman who was kidnapped and locked in a shed by a older man for seven years. During these seven years, she gave birth to a boy who she named Jack. Jack’s entire world consists of Room and its residents, but Ma wants to expand Jack’s horizon and break free. But is Jack ready for such a change?

I enjoyed this novel thoroughly. During the beginning of the novel, there is an eerie feeling that you get when you realise the darker truths lurking behind the things that Jack unknowingly tells you about. And as I started to get used to the somewhat calm but uncomfortable setting of Room, the story takes a big turn and I could not stop reading as the story kept escalating.

And although the climax was lip-biting, nails-pressing-into-palms suspenseful, I think what followed after the climax was even better, so much that it made the book a much more complete, amazing story overall.

I would recommend this book because even though it’s narrated in the point of view of a five year old, by reading between the lines you can see the deeper side to the story. And to add to the story, Jack is quite a clever kid, so the sentences do not seem too childish or too simple.


I am currently reading Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas by recommendation of a close friend, but when I am done I am planning on reading Persepolis  by Marjane Strapi, which is the book Emma Watson is suggesting for the June Book Club reading.

I’ll keep you posted!


Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.


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