Visit to Antigua Guatemala



Also known as the biggest nachos ever!

On Friday I met up with a couple friends here in Guatemala for a day trip to Antigua Guatemala. Antigua is the previous capital city of Guatemala, established by Spaniards back when Guatemala was a Spanish colony. This city is a popular tourist site because of the historical architecture, the colourful artisan markets, and the overall beauty of the place.


The architecture remains mostly colonial, but you can find a Wendy’s and other more modern establishments as the place became more and more popular to tourists. You can see many travelers around the town at all times of the year, and a lot of them will have their cameras out to capture the beauty of the place.


This place becomes especially crowded during Easter. The week leading up to Easter Sunday is called Semana Santa – Holy Week and it’s a nationwide holiday for the entire week. On Friday, there is a giant Catholic procession, but what make this procession so special is the carpets lining these processional routes. The art you see in Antigua has centuries of tradition, and the carpets, depicting Mayan events, biblical events, and nature overall, are ever so intricate and beautiful that Antigua overflows with people that come to witness this procession. These carpets are later burned, which makes the beauty of the whole event ephemeral but poignant.


One of my favourite places in Antigua is the restaurant and bar Monoloco. This place is open in the afternoons, which is when I prefer to go, but at night it becomes a pub where tourists and locals alike enjoy a cold Gallo, the Guatemalan national drink, with nachos as big as your head.

They are seriously the best nachos I’ve ever had, so I keep returning every time I come back to Guatemala.

I am planning on returning to Antigua to take some more pictures before the end of summer, because every time you turn, there will always be something beautiful to take a picture of.

You should come visit us too sometime!

Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.



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