Make Up Look: Reaching for the Darkside

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For most of my daily looks, I found myself reaching for the lighter colours of my to go palette, the Naked 3, and almost never touching the darker shades. But the dark colours of the Naked 3 palette are too beautiful to be left unused for so long, so today I bring you a darker look, focusing on the shade Darkside of the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette.

This is a look I would be sporting when going somewhere fancier, if I needed to be a little more dolled up than usual.

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I’ve been using the same products and procedures for my base/face makeup, so I’ll skip it in this post. But if you want to see how I start my makeup, I outlined it in more detail in past make up looks.

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For my eyebrows, today I decided to use my Wycon Cosmetics Precision Eyebrow Definer in 03 Dark Brown. I got this pencil when I was in Italy, and I hadn’t really thought about using it until today because the colour is a bit dark, but since today I’m going for a bold look, I thought darker brows would suit the look. I defined my brows and feathered out the front of the eyebrows to soften my expression.

Then I spread the shade Burnout from the Naked 3 palette all over my lids as a base shade. This colour is a light pinky-peach satin (according to description from Ulta). I used the colour Buzz, which is a metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter, and applied it to the inner half of my lid. Then using the shade Mugshot, I gently blended in the colour into the outer corners of my eyes and a little into the hollows of my eyes. Then I took the shade Darkside, which is a deep taupe-mauve satin and added more colour to the outer corner of my eye.  I used the shade Dust, a pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter, to highlight the inner corners of my eyes and  the centre of my lid. I wish I had had a highlighter to do this, but Dust is a really bright and shimmery shadow that worked well for my purposes.

I brushed on a little of the shade Strange (pale neutral pink matte-satin) along my brow bone and lined my eyes with my Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. Most of the time I only line half my lashline and concentrate more on the wing because I have monolids. If you don’t know what monolids are, they are a type of Asian eye shape that does not have a blatant crease above the upper lash line. And if you have this eye shape, you should know that even if you line your lash line, once you open your eyes the eye swallows the lashline and you can’t see the eyeliner. So it doesn’t really matter if I line my entire eye or not.

DarkSide (31)

My problem with mascara is that I can feel my lashes getting tangled and untangled as I blink, which makes me more conscious of them and more and more uncomfortable. This problem occurs more with the inner lashes than the outer lashes. So what I decided to do is I curled my lashes normally, but applied mascara only to the lashes on the outer half of my eyes. I did this with both the upper and lower lash line. Use any mascara for this; I used this one mascara I had lying around but had never opened.

Another problem I have with mascara is how sticky it stays for a while. This might be a problem that could be solved with a different formula, but for the mascara that I used today, the solution I found to this problem was black eyeshadow. After applying generous coats of mascara, I took an eyeshadow brush, dipped it in black eyeshadow, and I gently brushed the lashes on which I had applied mascara. This makes the mascara less sticky and less prone to smudge.

DarkSide (32)

For my lips, I used a lip crayon that I’ve been loving for a while now. It’s the Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Crush. I used this colour when I went to Italy too, so I guess I was in a kind of throwback-kind of mood. This shade is beautiful bright berry tone that looks great on any occasion. And since it’s a balm stain, the colour stays on your lips even after talking, eating, and whatnot. But I do recommend reapplication after a while.

Set everything with the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray and you’re good to go! A sultry, dark, and bold look you can rock anywhere.

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DarkSide (12)

DarkSide (26)


This look is super easy even if you don’t necessarily have the exact same colours I do, and I would love to see your take on this look! If you try it out, make sure you tag me in it and let me know!

Please like and comment down below, I love hearing from you!

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