I visit: El Tenedor del Cerro

Antigua (9)



Today my mum and I decided to head over to Antigua for lunch, at this place called “El Tenedor del Cerro,” which translates to “The Fork on the Hill.” This place gets its name from a giant fountain in the shape of a fork, a spoon, and pasta, and to get to it you have to drive up a hill that’s almost a mountain.

It’s a really beautiful place, green all over and with several pieces of art in different parts of the path leading up to the restaurant. Next to the restaurant, there’s a small orchard where they have different herbs growing. They also have flowers with bees swarming around them.

Antigua (1)

Antigua (3)


Antigua (5)
“El Huerto” translates to “The Orchard,” but they call it their herb garden.

Antigua (10)


And for the shortest style segment ever, I was wearing a modern version of Hanbok, which is a Korean traditional dress worn back when Korea had a monarchy. Nowadays you can find lots of more versatile versions of these dresses so you can wear them any day.

Antigua (22)


It’s a great place to take a walk, and the food at the restaurant is pretty good.And because the weather was incredibly nice, I got some great pictures and the food seemed to taste even better!

Antigua (6)
Instead of place mats, they have these wooden “coasters” that have different drawings carved onto them.

Antigua (7)


Antigua (8)

And after eating, you can head over to the tiny artisans’ market they have. They have traditional clothing, jewelry, dolls, and even some funny things like those knit caps you see in the picture.

Antigua (21)

And to finish off the afternoon, you can take a nice walk and enjoy the art and the plants.

Antigua (12)

Antigua (13)

Antigua (14)

Antigua (15)

Antigua (16)

Antigua (17)

Antigua (18)

Antigua (19)



Gotta enjoy Guatemala when it’s nice and sunny!

Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.



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