Korean Makeup : Let’s Get this Straight


Also known as how I don’t do my eyebrows.

Hello everybody!

Recently K Beauty has been becoming more and more popular, and you can see a lot of “Korean makeup looks” out there. I started learning to apply makeup through Korean Beauty Gurus on YouTube, and while I’m not a professional makeup artist by any means, I think I’ve got a pretty good grasp on K beauty. So starting with this post I’d like to organise the biggest characteristics of Korean Makeup for those of you that would like to learn more about it.

Today, I’d like to talk about eyebrows.


Let’s Talk Eyebrows:
The eyebrows are one thing that I never really caught on to when it comes to Korean makeup looks.  Eyebrows done in Korean style under-emphasize the arch and trace straight, almost horizontal lines in the front. They tend to be thicker because it gives you a more youthful look, and they’re drawn very lightly. The word for this style of eyebrows is 일자눈썹, which translates to “straight line brows.”

This is what we call 일자눈썹 (straight eyebrows)                      (Picture of Se Jeong Kim/김세정 of i.o.i.)

I personally tend to very slightly arch my eyebrows because that’s just how they’re shaped. I also like to do my eyebrows in a dark brown to kinda match my hair (which is black but reddish brown in the sun). I also draw them on thinner when I’m not wearing too much makeup (which tends to be a lot of the time… ), and thicker when I’m wearing a more drastic eye look.

(Picture of Krystal/크리스탈 of f(x))

Most Korean makeup looks will be soft and girly, and for most of Koreans, straight brows are quite flattering. Of course, every face has a different shade and there will be some people that look better with a different kind of eyebrow shape, but this is the trend right now in Korea, and you’ll be able to see this kind of eyebrow in almost every Korean makeup look.


And I’ll leave a link to one of my favourite Korean YouTube Beauty Gurus for each one of these posts that I write:

Pony Makeup

Pony is a makeup artist from Korea known for her amazing skills – you might already have seen one of her videos, the Taylor Swift makeup transformation. Her videos are titled in English and Korean and she puts English subtitles on each of her videos.

How to Draw on Straight Brows

This is an English subtitled tutorial for straight brows and a fall makeup look, for if you want to learn more about how to draw them!


Thank you so much for reading!

Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.




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