ColourPop Churro Highlighter

Hey lovelies! This is going to be a really quick post cos I wanted to give you a short update on the giveaway I announced a while ago!

Those of you keeping up with ColourPop will know that they recently released a limited quantity of the Tie-Die highlighter, Churro.

There was a limited quantity restock today, and I managed to snag not one, but TWO highlighters! If Churro goes out of stock again and ColourPop doesn’t restock it, I am considering making this highlighter the extra perk you get if you were a follower before the official giveaway post. 

I dunno how things are gonna work out since it seems like they might restock it again, but it’s a possibility!

So if you wanted to get the Churro highlighter and didn’t manage to, give me a follow and wait for that giveaway announcement in August!

Yours truly,


Also known as Hey June.


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