KBeauty: It’s Lining Cats and Dogs


Hello everybody! I’m back with another KBeauty post. Even though I already did a post on Korean eye makeup (if you want to read the post click here), I wanted to talk a little more specifically about eyeliner today.

Let’s Talk Eyeliner:

We call the winged eyeliner by many names; winged, with a flick, and cat eye. In Korean beauty there is also another type of wing line called the puppy eye.

While the cat eye makes your eye look sharp and chic, the puppy eye gives you a more innocent, soft look. As I mentioned in the previous eye makeup post and the eyebrow post, a lot of Koreans prefer subtle, girlish looks, and puppy wings are perfect for such looks.

So what exactly is a puppy eye anyway?

Think of the generic “wide puppy eye look.” Puppies have huge, adorable eyes that sparkle as they look up at you. The puppy eye when it comes to makeup recreates this look using makeup.

While a cat eye is an eyeliner wing that points upwards, the puppy eye is one that points downwards. Basically line your eye like you normally would, and for the wing, instead of tilting the line upwards, follow the line that your eye Usually puppy wings are smaller than cat wings, and to make them more natural it’s common to fill in the outer corner of the lower lash line under the wing (this area is often called the “triangle zone”) with more eyeliner or eye shadow. If you lower your wing, it softens your eye, and the darker outer corner of the lash line widens your eye overall.

Here are some people with cat eyes and puppy eyes to help your understanding.

Puppy Eye   Picture of 아이유/IU

You can see that IU elongated her eye with eyeliner and then filled in the outer corner of her eye – this makes her eyes look much bigger and softer.

Puppy Eye    Picture of 태연/Taeyeon of Girl’s Generation

Taeyeon also filled in the outer corner of her eye, but she did it in a much lighter colour. This still has the same effect but it goes really well with the pastel-colour palette she seemed to be going for.

IU and Taeyeon have naturally puppy-like eyes, and their eye makeup accentuates this sweet girlish look.


Cat Eye    Picture of 씨엘/CL of 2NE1
Cat Eye    Picture of 현아/Hyuna

Hyuna and CL flaunt trademark cat eyes when on stage to emphasize the badass vibe that is so characteristic of them. What is interesting is that when Hyuna doesn’t have makeup on, she has a puppy-like face.

It’s not uncommon for people to change their eye shape using makeup – isn’t the best part of makeup the fact that you can change your look drastically like magic? Some people have naturally cat-like eyes while others have naturally puppy-like eyes, but it’s possible to change your eye shape and feel if you use the right type of wing. For example, Nana of Afterschool has a naturally cat-like face overall, but in this picture her eyes have a puppy wing that softens her look and makes her eyes look big and innocent.

Picture of 나나/Nana of Afterschool



This is my version of a puppy eye vs. a cat eye. The main difference between these looks are the wing and how dramatic the shadow is.


강아지고양이 (97)
Soft and cute Puppy Eye look
강아지고양이 (182)
Sultry and dark Cat Eye look

The tutorial for the puppy eye makeup look will be uploaded within the next week or so.



And as always, I will leave the link to a Korean beauty YouTuber for you to check out if you want to learn more about Korean makeup.

Today’s YouTuber is Sunny!

Sunny’s Channel

Sunny is a Korean YouTuber living in New York. This makes her a bit different from the other YouTubers I’ve linked to in the past because she uses a lot of products and techniques from the US, such as ColourPop. Her makeup looks are a little less Korean(?) in a way due to this, but she still rocks basically every makeup look that she uploads, and I personally love her videos.

And below I’ll link a video that show you how to do a puppy eye and a cat eye. The bad thing about this is that there are no English subtitles, but the most important thing is that the first half of her look is the puppy eye and the second half if a cat eye.

Get it Beauty Self Puppy/Cat Eye look


As usual, thanks for reading, and I really appreciate each and every one of your likes, comments, and follows.


Yours Truly,


(p.s. It’s pronounced Hey June)



15 thoughts on “KBeauty: It’s Lining Cats and Dogs

  1. My fellow Korean friend 🙂 loved this post! And loved the looks, I’m pretty glad I read this because I’m leaving for Korea in about 6 days or so, and I really want to experiment with my looks! Please check out my latest blog when you get the chance, it’d mean a lot! Xx


  2. This is so interesting- I never think about how beauty evolves and changes as it travels to different places. You demonstrate it so beautifully, your eyeliner is on point whether it’s puppy or a cat eye, I’m so jealous! My hand is not steady enough for that. Thank you for this though, you really do learn something new everyday.


  3. Great post! Super well Organised!

    Hey, and I also does Makeup and skincare. Would u mind to check me out as well? Beauty and beauty support?

    P.S, if you follow me I will go like all your post/follow back :>

    Hope to see more from you~


  4. My eye shape lends itself more to puppy eye look but I’ve never tried it- looking forward to your tutorial! Great examples and details about the difference between the 2. 🙂


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