Makeup Look: Puppy Eye Makeup (Korean Makeup Tutorial)

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Hello friends! A couple of days ago I uploaded a post on Korean makeup, specifically eyeliner. The focus of this post was the difference between the Puppy Eye and the Cat Eye; you can read the full post here.

In the post I included pictures of a Puppy Eye and a Cat Eye look that I had tried, and I said the tutorial for these looks will be uploaded soon. And proving that I am a woman of my word, here is the tutorial for the Puppy Eye look. A Puppy Eye is a cute and soft type of eye makeup that elongates and widens the eye and aims to mollify a harsh eye shape and make the face look overall more sweet and girlish.

This eye look does not require a huge lot of skill, and it’s also a great daily look, so please, read on! As usual, all products are linked!

I’m going to skip my whole face routine cos I’ve been doing the same one for the last two months, and I wrote a full post about this if you’d like to know more about it. Click here to check out my base makeup routine.

The only thing I would pay attention to would be to go easy on the bronzer/contour because this look is supposed to be more natural and cute rather than chiseled to perfection. Use a light hand and just use it to add a slight bit more of definition to your face.

Now for the brows: I went for an under-emphasized arch today, while filling in the sparce spots on my brows and drawing straighter lines for the edges. I used both my Skinfood Choco Powder Eyebrow Wood Pencil in 03 Gray Brown and the Wycon Precision Eyebrow Definer in 003 Dark Brown. I used the Skinfood pencil to define the shape of my brows and the Wycon pencil, which is slightly darker, to fill in. This helps my eyebrows look the tiniest less blocky while keeping them dark overall.

Then I used my trusty Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette for the eyes. I spread the shade Strange, which is a pinkish white matte shade all over my lid, then used the shade Nooner – which is a matte light brown shade – and applied it over about half og my lid. Then I brushed the shade Liar – a shimmery brown just slightly darker than Nooner – over it, keeping close to my lash line. We are trying to keep the shadows closer to the eye than usual today.

Then I used an angled brush and a matte black eye shadow to make the wing. When drawing the wing, imagine you’re trying to make your eye longer horizontally. I have two ways of drawing Puppy Eye wings, and either way works fine:

  1. Gently close your eyes so the lash line looks almost horizontal, and follow the lash line out into the corner of your eye. Open your eye and fix the shape of the wing into a nice, flat little wing.
  2. Keep your eye open, just draw a straight horizontal line from the outer corner of your eye (it does not have to be perfect!). Then line your eye and connect it to this straight line and fill it in to make a straight puppy wing.

The only difference between those two ways that for the first method, you’re using your lash line as reference for the first line, whereas for the second method you’re just winging it (pun definitely intended).

I know that my explanations can be a little hard to understand, so here’s a visual representation.

Word of warning when it comes to the wing: do not make the wing too long. Sometimes you might want to widen your eyes so much that you draw on a  two inch long wing, but the longer you make the wing, the more unnatural and odd the eye makeup will look. Remember we’re trying to go for a look that widens your eyes but also looks natural.

Now, this is one of the most important parts of a Puppy Eye. Take a dark brown shadow (I used the shade Mugshot from the Naked 3 palette) and fill in the outer corner of your eye under your wing and about 1/3 of the lower lash line. This little area that you’re going to be filling it is referred to as “삼각존,” “sam-gak zone,” or “triangle area.” Filling in this triangle area is 90% of what makes your eyes look bigger when it comes to the Puppy Eye, so it’s really important you fill it nicely.

This little area is the “triangle area”

When shading the lower lash line, try to not go over 1/3 of the line. You can use your eye as a reference; this is a tip from Pony, a Korean makeup artist: when you’re staring straight ahead, try to keep the shadow on the lower lash line only on the area under the whites of your eyes.

Then if you want, take a bright shimmery shadow (I used Dust from Naked 3) and brush it over the inner corner of your lower lash line.

For my lips, I tried using a nude lipstick, in this case the Wet n Wild’s MegaLast Lip Color in the shade Bare It All, and I also tried doing a gradient lip using my Tony Moly Tony Tint in 01 Cherry Pink. This gradient lip will appear in a future KBeauty post, if you were wondering about that!

And that is my look with a Puppy Eye!

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The lighting in these pictures made me feel like an angel

강아지고양이 (101)


This look is perfect for any occasion, especially daily, because it’s so simple, so easy, and it requires very little skill. It also looks adorable on basically anyone.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!


Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.


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