The Solution to Oily Skin in the Summer 잠수 메이크업


Hello friends! I’ve been trying to look for new and interesting makeup looks to try out when I came across a makeup trend that is the ultimate solution for oily skin in the summer.

This makeup trend is the “30秒潜水メイク,” “잠수 메이크업,” or “30 Second Dive/Diving Makeup.” This makeup trend originated in Japan and has been creeping over to Korea too because of the amazing effects it has. This makeup trend combines the technique of Baking with water in order to create a smooth, matte skin finish that lasts for a long time. Keep reading to learn how to achieve waterproof matte skin with diving makeup!

As always, products are linked.

The Process:

To start off, I’m going to apply a silicone based primer on the oiliest spots on my face, which are the T zone and the chin. I used my Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer. Then I’m going to apply my Neutrogena Sheer Touch Sunscreen SPF 30+ like I always do. Then I’m using my Olive Young makeup sponge and apply my It Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC Cream all over my face.

Then you take translucent powder and just dump it on your face.

Well, not exactly dump it, but use a makeup sponge to pat copious amounts of powder all over your face, similar to how you would do if you were baking. Loose powder is much better for this type of makeup, but I hear that pressed powder works too.

I didn’t have my loose powder with me because the Palladio Rice Powder that I use is not travel friendly and I decided to leave it. I instead bought the Maybelline Shine Free Oil Control Loose Powder. This powder is only $5.99 and it did the job for me.

Then after covering your face with makeup, you take a big container, fill it with water, and submerge your face in it for 30 seconds.

Yeah, really submerge your face in the water. No joke.

I know it sounds silly, but this is how it works. You don’t have to do it in one go; you  can also submerge your face for a couple seconds at a time. An alternative for this is to spray your face with a hydrating mist for 30 seconds. I tried both ways and it works fine either way, but I personally think the submerging method gets the powder REALLY sticking to your face.

Then you use a tissue and dab off the moisture from your face. Do not wipe! You’re just gently patting a tissue to remove stray water droplets. I was worried that some CC cream would come off on the tissue, but as you can see, you don’t need to worry about that.

잠수b (6)
No concealer, no CC cream

Directly after doing all my makeup: my face felt ridiculously soft. My face gets a little oily even as I do my makeup when it’s warm outside but this time it held on, nice and dry.

잠수b (7)

잠수b (8)

잠수b (9)




잠수b (12)



I watched several makeup videos of people trying diving makeup out, and they had different opinions on how this trick affected the rest of their makeup. Some said that it was easier to apply eye shadows and other powders such as blush or bronzer, while others said it was harder.

In my case, after “diving” my bronzer and blush were easier to blend and seemed much less patchy, but the pigmentation did seem reduced. Thankfully it was not difficult to build the colour up. With eye shadows, I will admit it was a bit harder. The pigmentation of the shadows were definitely reduced. It was a bit harder to achieve the normal eye look I would have been wearing on a normal day. I used a dark shadow instead of liner today, but I think liquid eyeliner would have worked much better with this look.

I did my makeup and did not fix it for 8 hours to test it out. It was a nice and sunny day, around 21 degrees Celsius, and I went outside to run a couple errands. It was hard to spend the whole day without blotting my face or powdering my face even though I could see that I really needed it.


잠수b (2)

By the end of the day, my nose was definitely shiny. My forehead also got a bit oily, but nothing too shiny. My face was also looking a lot brighter than it does usually by the end of the day – my CC cream held up much better than it usually does.

So my personal opinion on diving makeup is that it’s not magic. My nose and forehead did get a bit shiny after 8 hours, and it did not form a sweat-proof barrier like some other YouTubers claimed it did for them. But I was definitely not as shiny and oily as I usually get, and the shine was subtle enough that it could have easily been fixed with a little bit of powder. Usually, at the end of the day, my face becomes really dark with all the sweat and oil combining with my makeup (basically, my face oxidizes), but today my makeup did not melt off my face like it usually does on a warmer day. I have yet to try this out on a much hotter summer day, but I have high hopes for this technique.


The theory behind diving makeup (I might be wrong, take it with a grain of salt) is that when you apply powder over your foundation and submerge your face in water, the powder adheres to your face and sticks much closer than if you just patted it on. This is because powder is hydrophobic, meaning it tends to avoid water. And as the powder really attaches (?) itself to your face, you’re left with a matte and soft skin finish.


Important things about Diving Makeup:

Diving makeup is not recommended for people with dry skin because it leaves a really matte finish, but it’s perfect for those with oily skin in the summer. But everyone’s skin is different and it might still work for you even if you have dry skin, so it’s worth a try.

Also, exfoliating is an important part of skincare as is, but it’s especially important when doing diving makeup because as the powder really sticks to your skin, your skin can look cakey if you haven’t exfoliated well. I learned the hard way.

Diving makeup also tends to emphasize acne/acne scars, in the same way that putting a lot of concealer and powder does, but it helps if you try to avoid those spots on your face when applying loose powder to your face before submerging your face.

And last of all, remember to sit down for a couple minutes just to touch your skin and admire your super soft and matte skin.



I tried really hard to find a video on diving makeup that had English subtitles, but I couldn’t find any. I’ll still link the first Korean Diving Makeup tutorial I watched, which is a tutorial by Korean Beauty YouTuber Dum A. Click here to check it out.


So that’s it! Diving Makeup! I feel like diving makeup is going to become my best friend when it comes to makeup over the summer, or at least until the weather becomes a bit more forgiving on my poor oily face.

I hope you decide to try diving makeup out for yourself, and please let me know how it worked for you! As usual, thank you so much for reading and I appreciate every like, comment, and follow!


Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.








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