Makeup Look: Purple on a Rainy Day


Purple b (1)

Purple b (2)


Hello friends! Over the last two weeks, there were three birthdays and LOTS of birthday cake/cupcakes, which (I think) explains the riot my face was having during that time. But now that all of that stuff is done, and the sugar is out of my system (sad face), my skin has been recovering and today it was behaving well enough that I decided to post another makeup look.

When it’s rainy or gloomy outside, I prefer to go for brighter makeup to bring more energy into my day. Today I wanted to do something with the colourful Inglot eyeshadows I have and I chose to do a purple based chic and somewhat sultry makeup look. This look made my face look a lot more calm and seductive than usual,  which I approve of.

If you’d like to learn how I achieved this look, please read on! As usual, all products are linked.

So I just realised that even though I only wrote my “base makeup routine” post a couple of weeks ago, I have to update it or write a new one because I have replaced my It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with my new L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation, and I’ve also swapped out my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for my Olive Young sponge.

I will think about doing a new base makeup routine post, but for today I’ll write down all the steps.

I always start out my rubbing my  Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer onto my nose, the area around my nose including the cheeks, my chin and my forehead.

Purple b (14).jpg

Then I always slather Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunscreen in SPF 30 all over my face because sun protection, as all of you should know, is VERY important. Then I spread the L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro-Matte 24-HR Foundation in 103 Natural Buff. (that really is a mouthful, I need to come up with a shorter name for it)  in dots all over my face and buff it out using the Olive Young Makeup Puff & Sponge (that’s such a weird name). Then I cover up my under eye dark circles, the sides of my nose, my cheeks, the area around my nose, under my lip, and my forehead with the Revlon Photoready Concealer in 003 and buff that out using the same sponge.

I let all of that settle for a while, and then I use my Tony Moly Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact in 002 Skin Beige and and a fluffy powder brush to set my foundation and concealer. I then use my NYX Matte Bronzer in Light and my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush  to define my cheeks and my jawline. Then I used my Glamour Dolls Blending Brush #10, Sperm Whale Edition, to lightly shade my nose bridge, the sides of my nose, and my septum. In case you’re curious, I shade my septum to make the tip of my nose look longer. Then I used my A’PIEU Pastel Blusher CR03 and pat it onto the apples of my cheeks using my Real Techniques Sculpting Brush.

(For those of you that read my KBeauty post on blush, the “apple zone”!If you’d like to learn about this, check out this post)

Then I used an angled brush and my Inglot’s Freedom System Rainbow Shadow 107 to define my eyebrows and filled them in.

Purple b (11)

For my eyes, I used the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette with the Inglot purple eyeshadows. First I spread the shade “Strange,” which is a pale white shade, all over my eyelid. Then I used “Trick,” a shimmery golden/orange shadow  to make a thick outline on my top lid. Then I used a fluffy blush, the It Cosmetics Airbrush Blending Crease Brush #105 to push just a bit of “Nooner,” a matte brown shade to the outer corner of my eyes almost into the centre. Then I used a combination of “Burnout” and “Buzz” into the inner corner of my eye to blend it into “Nooner.” Then I used the shade “Dust” to line my lower lid.

Then the fun begins – the purple shades! I wanted to a bright eye liner look, but I only had bright shadows, so this is what I did. First I took a tissue and folded it up, then sprayed it with a hydrating mist (water works fine too). Then I picked up purple eye shadow using an angled brush, tapped it once on the wet tissue, then used it to draw on a winged line. Then I wiped the moisture off on a dry portion of the tissue before picking up more colour from the shadow. I repeated this until the wing was done. Wetting eye shadows make shadow colours more vivid and sharp. The reason I do this with a wet tissue is I don’t want to get the shadows themselves wet cos then it’s hard to get them to dry again.

Then I used an eye shadow brush to add purple to the inner corner of my eye, where I previously put the “Burnout” and the “Buzz” shadows.

Purple b (9)

To finish off the look, I used the Inglot’s Lipstick Matte in the shade 405. I made sure to not make it look too dark cos I wanted to emphasize the eye look more.

Then as usual, finish off with the Urban Decay All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray and we’re done!

Purple b (3)

Purple b (4)

Purple b (6)

Purple b (7)

Purple b (8)

Purple b (10)

Purple b (12)

Purple b (13)


And that is how you do it!  I had a REALLY good picture day today thanks to how much my skin had calmed down. Update on the Infallible Foundation: I wore it all day today to see how it would do. It was a bit warmer, and I made a point of not powdering my face or blotting to see how it would do. By 8 PM, my skin had gotten a bit darker and shinier, but it wasn’t anything too serious. If I had gone through the trouble of fixing my face at one point in the day, it might have been better.

As usual, thank you for reading, and I appreciate every like, comment and follow!


Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.






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