Makeup Look: My Neighbor Totoro

Tororo b (1)

Tororo a (5)


Hello friends! I’ve been planning out posts for the rest couple weeks because I know that I’ll have a lot to do once I return to school. While doing that, I went over a couple of previous posts and I realised that the last (and only) anime inspired makeup had been quite a while ago. (It was the Mononoke Hime inspired makeup look, check it out here!)

So today I drew some more triangles all over my cheeks with another makeup look inspired by another classic Ghibli Studio movie: My Neighbor Totoro!

Let’s get started, shall we? All products are linked, as usual!

As usual, I started off with my Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer. I didn’t bother with SPF because I was only going to keep this makeup on for a short while. I then used my L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro-Matte 24-HR Foundation in 103 Natural Buff along with my Olive Young Makeup Sponge. Then I used my Revlon Photoready Concealer in 003 Light and buffed it out with a different side of the same sponge. The spots on which I put the primer and the concealer are marked on the picture below. I might make an updated base makeup routine.

Purple b (14)

I did not use any bronzer or blush, but I did use my Maybelline Shine Free Oil Control Loose Powder and my Tony Moly Aqua Aura Moist Finish Pact in 002 Skin Beige to set my foundation and concealer using a fluffy powder brush.

Then I used an angled brush and gray shadows to define and fill in my brows. I drew on the front horizontally and curled the tail downwards. Then I used my It Cosmetics Airbrush Blending Crease Brush #105 to spread some of the same gray shadow to give more definition to my eyes. Next I used an angled brush and black eyeshadow to make an empty wing on my eye. Basically, it consists of drawing a line from the corner of your eye as if you’re making a normal wing, and then connecting the end of the wing horizontally pointing towards the centre of the eye.

I don’t know why I did this, but it looks cool, doesn’t it? And it also makes the eye look a lot less harsh than a full winged eyeliner would.

Tororo a (9)

Now it’s time to really turn myself into a giant, fluffy racoon/cat-spirit! For those of you that haven’t seen My Neighbor Totoro, this is what Totoro looks like:


If you’ve been some other Ghibli Studio movies, Totoro also appears in the Studio logo.

Instead of drawing whiskers on my cheeks, I decided to draw on some long, exaggerated lower lashes.

Tororo a (8)

One of Totoro’s distinguishing features are the little arrow tips/triangles that go across his chest. To recreate this, I drew on small arrow tips on my cheekbones and a bigger one on my nose using an angled brush and gray eye shadow from Inglot.

Then I wanted to paint my lips gray, but I don’t have any gray lipsticks on me, so I decided to do something else. I tried this method before; the picture is up on my Instagram @itsheyjune, you should check it out!

I used my NYX Wonder Pencil in Light to line and fill in my lips. Then I used an eye shadow brush and the same gray eye shadow I’ve been using to make my lips gray. You just pat on the shadow little by little using a wide brush and finish off with an angled brush. But you gotta be patient when doing this; build the colour, not just brush it all on. I didn’t do the best job today; you can tell it’s really messy. Next time I do something similar I’ll probably try to do a much better job.

Tororo a (18)
Tororo a (7)

Tororo b (2)

Tororo b (3)

Tororo a (6)

And that’s it! A giant fluffy spirit to brighten your day.


As usual, thank you for reading and I appreciate each like, comment and follow. If you are a new friend, remember to check out some of my other posts!


Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.


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