KBeauty: L is for the Way You Look at my Lips


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Hello friends! It has been a long time since I wrote a KBeauty post, but I’m back with another one. I think that with this post I will have covered the basics of KBeauty or Korean Makeup,but I’ll come back soon with a post on Korean beauty standards in general. Today I’m going to be talking about lips.

Let’s talk Lips:

Over the last couple years, big, plump lips have become highly desired and you can find many “lip plumping” products or procedures that help create that luscious lip look.

But in Korea, not too many people are fans of big lips.

If you’ve been reading my KBeauty posts, you will know by now that Korean makeup tends to lean towards more natural, girlish looks. Big, overlined lips with bold lip colours don’t really mix with an innocent makeup look.

When it comes to lip colours, pink and coral tones are the most common. Red lips can be found, but not usually in daily makeup and darker tones, such as browns or purples can seldom be found in most Korean brands. And because so many people tend to prefer natural looks, most lipstick shades are more muted or sheer.

One lip product that has continued to be popular for a long time are lip tints. Lip tints are basically lip stains. You have to remember to scrub your lips because just like with lipstick, if you have chapped lips, it’s really hard to apply the tint naturally. In Korea, lip tints are almost as common as lipstick because of their staying power and because of how you can blend it out to obtain a gradient lip.

The gradient lip is a HUGE part of Korean lip makeup. As I mentioned before, Korean people don’t try to emphasize the size of the lips – if anything, they tend to try to make the lips look smaller. The gradient lip has a self-explanatory name. To achieve a gradient lip, all you have to do is apply the lip product (be it a lip tint or lipstick) to the inner parts of the lip and to blend it out. To blend the product out, some people choose to use Q-tips while other people use their fingers. It’s really a matter of personal choice.

What I like to do with products that are a bit more stubborn when blending is, I apply a bit of lip balm that’s more solid than Vaseline-like on my fingertip and then blend out.

A gradient lip gives the lips a more natural looking glow, because the gradient effect makes the colour look less harsh. It’s also flattering when worn with a gloss on top because it can look like flower petals. When I go for a gradient lip, I personally like to do it with a lip tint and then I apply lots of clear lip balm on top. I do this because some lip tints can dry out the lips and chapped lips are not my favourite look.


I tried out two gradient lips for this, one with a lipstick and one with a tint.


I used a lipstick for the first picture set and a tint (stain) for the second picture set. Lipstick is much easier to blend out than tint, especially if it’s lipstick with a glossy finish. With a tint you get a more dramatic, pronounced gradient. In the first picture set I used a lot more lip balm, which gave my lips a glossier looking finish even though I used a matte lipstick.


So with this post, we have gone through eyebrows, base makeup, eye makeup, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, and lips in KBeauty. It took us a while to get here, but I’m really happy I got to write about KBeauty in more depth.

In case you missed any of my other posts, here are the links to each:

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Now, for the last time, I will recommend a Korean Beauty Youtuber.

The Korean Beauty YouTuber I will recommend today is Calary Girl.

Her username in Korean translates into “salary man A,” and she tends to post really natural looks that are so common in Korean beauty YouTubers. But she also posts a lot of interesting beauty product reviews, including a magnetic facial mask, or the most expensive foundation in the world. My personal favourite amongst her looks are the Cosplay-themed makeup looks. The one makeup tutorial I have watched more than any other is her Elf Cosplay Makeup, and once you watch it you’ll understand why. The one bad thing about her videos is most of them do not have English subtitles, but I still wanted to introduce her since I love her videos so much.


Thank you so much for reading, and if there is anything else that you are curious about when it comes to Korean Makeup, please go ahead and leave it in the comments! I appreciate every like, comment, and follow.


Yours Truly,


Also known as Hey June.







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