Late Night Rambling: Why I like Monet

Hyemawari (13)


I feel like the more I write about things like these, the more or a crazy mix of things my blog becomes, but I’m fine with it. It’s a “lifestyle” blog, so I think it should include everything I love and want to share.

My favourite artists are Klimt, Monet, and Goya… probably in that order.

I especially enjoy Klimt and Monet’s paintings because they’re so peaceful and easy on the eyes. When you see something from the Renaissance, everyone seems to be talking about the specific techniques used to represent this and that, the direction and strength of the lighting and what it means, the meaning behind the positioning of every single item in the painting…

But in the case of Monet’s paintigs, you don’t have to think about the reason Monet put that tree there or that boat there. He put them there because that’s what he saw. And the colours that he uses blend into each other and seem to spiral in, drawing you into the thoughts that were in the mind of the artist as he whispered each brushstroke onto his canvas. And the reasons that I like Monet are the same reasons for which I love most paintings from the impressionist era, especially landscapes.

I don’t like worrying about every single thing you see everywhere. I know that some things are better when analysed, and that there is a complicated story that you can unravel from doing so that will enhance your experience with that painting, but sometimes I don’t wanna know. I don’t wanna know about the massive revolution that fired David’s paintings. I don’t wanna know about Boticelli’s struggles as an unrecognised artist. Sometimes, I just wanna see the colours, the brushstrokes, the shadows, and see just that.

And if you thought this would eventually become a life analogy…You’re absolutely right.

I feel like ever since I started actually thinking about social interactions and how to be “good” at them, I started overanalysing everything to the point of feeling more comfortable when not saying anything because… you cannot say something wrong if you do not speak at all. At one point in high school, I decided that I had finally had enough and I put some distance between me and the friends that made me feel like I had to analyse every single word I said. Then I started hanging out more with this brilliant girl – she would eventually become my best friend – and other people that didn’t care if I slipped up and said something mean every once in a while.

And when I was with them, it was like staring into a painting by Monet. I could just enjoy the colours and enjoy every single feeling that seeped into me without having to worry whether or not this comment had a deeper, nastier meaning than it seemed to.


And I guess what I’m trying to say is, the best friends you can have are the ones you feel comfortable around. You might have some great friends that have the potential to take you to great places, but if you’re uncomfortable, there’s really no point. At least, it doesn’t for me. Senior year in high school had its ups and downs, as any other year. But the reason I will remember that year and smile is because I had people in my life that made the entire thing amazing.


Have you found your Monet?


Yours Truly,


(p.s. It’s pronounced Hey June)


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