End of Summer Lookbook

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Hello friends! This is my very first lookbook! Some of you will know I started blogging around February of this year, but I really got fired up about it over summer, when I did not have access to my full closet and a good photographer. But now that I’m back in the US and I have Wonderfru Boifriend to help me out, I can start posting about fashion too!

Today’s lookbook is my “End of Summer Lookbook.” The height of summer, July and August, are now gone, and while Autumn is definitely creeping up on us, we still have a couple of weeks of summer ahead of us. What I like about summer is that I am free to wear shorts and skirts, which are much less restraining than trousers or jeans. This lookbook features mostly shorts for that reason, but I tried to put together a variety of outfits.

So let’s just get on with it!

Outfit 1: The Cool Shoulder

Kawaii b (199)


This outfit is what I wore to school on the first day of classes. Not only was it the first day of the semester, it was also my first day at my new job as a TA, so I wanted an outfit that looked the most put-together as possible.

Off the Shoulder Top – Style Sense App: I really like this top because when it makes it look like I put a lot more effort into my outfit than I actually did.

Big Pocket Shorts – GAP: I always buy my jeans from the GAP because they have high quality, affordable jeans (that don’t die after three months). And if you want to know a little secret, the GAP and Old Navy almost always have a sale going on and it’s even more of a bargain.

Sandals – Steve Madden
Tattoo Choker – Amazon: I wear this every day – I love this choker.
Geometric Rose Gold Sunglasses – Shop Lacey  in Depop

Kawaii b (198)


Kawaii b (196)


Kawaii b (200)

Kawaii b (193)


Outfit 2: Picture Perfect

Kawaii b (165)

This next outfit is is a full-black outfit with a pop of colour. I got this top at Guatemala and I have been dying to wear it, and the print is so cool that it’s a centrepiece all by itself and even the simplest of items become part of an interesting outfit.

Top – Forever 21
Black shorts – Charlotte Russe
Shoes – Adidas
Tattoo choker – Amazon
Necklace – Forever 21

Kawaii b (160)

Kawaii b (162)

Kawaii b (163)


Outfit 3: Denim on Denim

Kawaii b (172)

This is one of my favourite outfits, because it features the two colours I think I look best in: red and blue. The crop top and shorts ensemble is pretty simple, but by adding this denim button down with a plaid detail, the outfit became so much more chic. It’s also perfect for when it’s hot outside, but all the buildings are blasting the AC at full power. I added the ankle booties to show you guys that while ankle boots are perfect for autumn and winter, they can be rocked in summer too.

Top – Forever 21
Jacket – Pull&Bear
Shorts – SO
Choker – Amazon
Shoes – DSW

Kawaii b (166)
Kawaii b (168)
Kawaii b (169)
Kawaii b (170)


Outfit 4: Bright and Fresh

Kawaii b (201)

I think that one of the best items to wear in the summer is a white tshirt, because it can make your outfit look so much more fresh and full of energy. And when paired with denim, you can create an outfit full of life. I especially love the cap for this look, I just recently got it and I think it’s adorable.

Top – Primark
Shorts – GAP
Choker – Amazon
Cap – Shop INUINU
Sandals – Steve Madden

Kawaii b (207)

Kawaii b (202)

Kawaii b (204)

Kawaii b (209)

Kawaii b (208)

Outfit 5: Keep It Loose

Kawaii b (177)

Although I love crop tops, sometimes you just gotta wear comfortable clothes in order to survive a long day of classes. This outfit was put together on a Friday, when I was excited for the weekend but also tired and more than ready for the weekend. The shirt I am wearing is actually a men’s dress shirt I thrifted from Goodwill, and surprisingly enough, it’s so easy to style it’s kind of ridiculous. It immediately makes your outfit look a bit more laid back and a lot more cosy.

Top – Primark
Shorts –  SO (Target)
Shoes – New Balance
Choker – Amazon
Yellow Aviators – Shop Lacey on Depop

Kawaii b (180)

Kawaii b (181)

Kawaii b (185)

Kawaii b (183)


Special Outfit: The Wonderfru Boifriend

Kawaii b(155)

This outfit is what we can call the everyday Wonderfru Boifriend look. By pairing a normal tshirt with cargo shorts, Wonderfru Boifriend created a casual, laid back look that says “I look this good without putting any effort into it.” Paired with a lanyard with a bunch of Kawaii Girlfriend’s keys, Wonderfru Boifriend’s outfit is the best choice for a warm August day.

Top – RIT
Shorts – Kohl’s
Sox – Hanes

Lanyard – Kawaii Girlfriend
Attitude – Born with it

Kawaii b (156)

Kawaii b (158)

Kawaii b (154)



And I’ll end this post with a picture of my white boi wondering what my watermark is.

wat r dis 1.jpg

I hope you enjoyed my first lookbook, and I hope you leave behind some likes, comments, and maybe even follow my blog if you’d like to see more content like this!


Yours Truly,


Also Known as Hey June.


8 thoughts on “End of Summer Lookbook

  1. I LOVE this post Diane! I think my favorite looks would be the Denim on Denim or Bright and Fresh! This post is beautifully put together, with humor, info, and reviews! It has been such a joy to watch your blog growing:) Also you are quite the adorable little bean oh my goodness!


    • Thank you so much Madalyn! Your comment made me smile so much. I’ve been enjoying myself so much writing content for my blog and I appreciate it so much that you took the time to read one of my posts. I hope we keep in contact more!


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