OOTD: Modern Hanbok (일상한복/퓨전한복)

Hello friends! Today I have a short and sweet OOTD post for you guys.

I was raised in a Korean household, and embrace my culture wholeheartedly. One of my favourite things about Korean culture is our traditional dresses, the Hanbok. A lot of people will call this dress “a Korean kimono,” but that is incorrect – Korea and Japan have different cultures and if you pay close attention, hanbok and kimono look nothing alike.

Hanbok was what all Koreans wore a couple centuries ago, back when Korea used to have a monarchy. For men it usually consists of loose (almost baggy) pants and a shirt that ties together at the middle with a bow, and for women it consists of a long, poofy skirt worn under a top that also ties at the middle with a bow.

Recently in Korea “modern” or “fusion” hanbok have been trending; “modern hanbok” is basically a traditional hanbok dress that has been designed to be more practical and wearable nowadays.

My mom knew that I wanted one of these incredibly badly, cos I love my hanbok dress, but it’s way too big to wear it on the daily, so she bought me this dress during summer.

I love this dress very much, it’s delicate and beautiful, but it’s comfortable and it doesn’t look anachronistic despite being based on a dress that was daily wear before I even existed.

The contrast between the navy top (which is actually a dress) and the lemon yellow skirt makes this dress even prettier as the bright colours give the outfit a cheerful and classic energy.

What I love most about this dress though, is that it represents a part of my culture, and that it’s a way of showing people that while Korea is an economic powerhouse from which major companies such as Samsung and Hyundai originated, it’s also a country with a rich culture that should be appreciated and celebrated more.


Thank you for reading!


Yours Truly,


Also Known as Hey June.


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