ColourPop Swatches – Dohee



Hello friends! Today I brought another post with a ColourPop liquid lipstick swatch – today I brought some pictures of the ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip Dohee! This lip was part of the Jenn Im collection (Jenn Ne Sais Quoi), and it’s sadly unavailable, but I still love the shade so much and I can’t wait for spring so I can wear this shade again.

I think I look best in corals and oranges, because I have warm complexion that glows when I wear shades in that range. This shade can be a little bit too neon, but I still like it.

Quick thought though – I get the feeling that most ColourPop Lip shades are either too neon or too brown. I wish they had a more MLBB shade for subtle daily wear. But that’s just me, I guess.




Thank you so much for reading!


Yours Truly,


Also Known as Hey June.


8 thoughts on “ColourPop Swatches – Dohee

    • I know what you mean too well!! I love this colour, but it can be a little too neon sometimes so I’ve been looking for another shade. I like Kylie Cosmetics’ Dirty Peach, but I’m not so sure I want to pay an exorbitant amount for it so I’ve been looking for dupes lol!

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