I Watch: Room (2015)



Hello friends! A while ago I posted a book review on Emma Donoghue’s novel Room (read the review here), and recently I had the chance to watch the 2015 movie based on the novel with my friends, so I decided to talk about my opinions on the movie today.

I’ll skip the summary of the book/movie since I’ve talked about it in my previous book post.

I don’t want to be one of those annoying people that say “the book was better than the movie,” but in all honesty, I think the movie did a poor job of telling the story of the book.

Room is special in that it is narrated by a five year old whose entire world consisted of a tiny remodeled garden shed before it was expanded into a world where everything is different.

The short voiceover narrations did a mediocre job at recreating the first person point of view of the novel, and I also think the clash between Jack and Ma in their struggle to return to their original worlds – in Ma’s case, outside, and in Jack’s case, Room – was not as emotional and well played out as it could have been. And in a more personal note, the mood that the movie portrayed did not quite match the one I set when reading the book, and my friends’ opinion is that the story was a bit slow.
Is it fair to mention, though, that there are some things that the movie deserves credit for – for instance, the portrayal of Room was spectacular; the silence in between conversations, the claustrophobia of the small space, the darkness that seeps into the corners… And the actors that played the main characters really melted into their characters and their relationship was so natural – just like the relationship between an emotionally unstable young mother and her child.

But while the people were amazing, the story was lacking, which is why I won’t go out of my way to recommend it. I definitely do recommend reading the novel, though, because it’s a great novel that reels you in and gets you emotionally invested in the story.


wat r dis 1.jpg


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