A Whole Bouquet of Oopsy Daisies


Hello friends! Today I have a rather embarrassing thing to tell you guys. So those of you that post on WordPress will know that WordPress has a “media library” where you can upload pictures to embed in your blog posts.

I’ve been using that feature of WordPress since I started this blog, and since the storage on this media library is limited, I delete old pictures to make space for new ones. Only recently did I realise that when I delete those pictures from the media library, the pictures stop showing up on the posts themselves!

I’m so sorry to those of you that must have been confused because most of my blog posts did not show any pictures. I’m currently in the process of replacing all the pictures – now all pictures on the blog will be embeded from Imgur (hopefully that works out better!)

I’m sorry for the confusion, and I hope to see you guys again soon!





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