ColourPop Swatch – Wild Nothing (Holiday 2016)



Hello friends! I mentioned last time that I bought two of ColourPop’s new Ultra Matte Lips, and today I’ve brought the swatches for the second one I purchased.

This one is Wild Nothing, and according to ColourPop it’s a “dusty plum brown.”



I can’t really tell a huge difference between Wild Nothing and other pink-brown lippies from ColourPop, but luckily I’m into this kind of shade and I think I can rock it pretty well.



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Yours Truly,


Also Known as Hey June.


4 thoughts on “ColourPop Swatch – Wild Nothing (Holiday 2016)

      • AWW I went to order Wild Nothing because I honestly can not get over how pretty it looks, but when I visited the website, they were out of stock. I doubt CP would restock them since it’s a holiday edition, so do you know any shades that are super identical to it? I’m in love with how it looks on your lips and I’ve been scanning through brands like NYX to see if they have super good dupes


      • Well if you’re looking through ColourPop, I know that Perky is somewhat similar to it, and another option I think is similar is Bumble, although it’s a but more red.


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