Etude House: Play 101 Stick #12

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Hello friends! As some of you will know I’ve been in Korea for the last couple of weeks, and now that I’m starting to get settled and have some time to sit down and write another post, I have to start getting ready to pack up and leave to Japan (!!!!!!!!!!) and then quickly get back to the US for another semester at university.

Ever since my mom and I finalised our plans to come to Korea, I stopped buying makeup (for the most part lol) because I was going to spend it all on stuff at Korea. And spend I did.

You guys will be seeing all of these, albeit slowly. I feel like I’ve gotten myself enough things so that I could be doing product reviews for the next year.



Today I’ll be talking about the Etude House Play 101 Stick in #12.
The Etude House Play 101 Sticks are versatile stick products in various shades that can be used for contouring, blush, and highlighting. I purchased two other sticks in brown for bronzing, but I’ve been using #12, which is a stick blush.

#12 is a blush pink with a hint of coral. It almost looks a bit peachy. I swipe a small bit onto my cheekbones and buff the edges out with my fingers, and the product blends out to give the face a gorgeous pastel pink glow. I usually don’t go for pale pink blushes like this, but this product blends out so that it looks like the colour is shining from underneath the skin. It gives the face a delicate girlish blush.

Powder blush is merciless to the dryness that comes during the winter months, so this creamy stick blush is the perfect solution. It’s also so soft and blendable that I had no problem using it, even though I’ve never tried stick blush or cream blush before.

The packaging is not the best, but it’s not bad either. It’s just a round stick, perfect for popping into your bag for the day, and the lid is tight enough so it won’t open in your bag and streak everything. When twisting the bottom, the product rattles a bit in the tube, but the product makes up for this tiny flaw.





2 thoughts on “Etude House: Play 101 Stick #12

  1. Oh I’d go absolutely crazy on Korean beauty goodies if I went… I mean, it’s SO much cheaper there than buying them online, so it make sense to stock up! I’ve been hearing a lot about these Etude House Play 101 sticks – looks pretty and versatile.


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