I Visit: Jeonju, Korea + Quick Update


Hello friends!

It’s about time for a little update of my travels in Korea, isn’t it? It’s been a busy couple weeks, what with all the business we had to take care of in Korea. I’ve gone out shopping downtown twice (I think) now and I have a massive haul that you guys can look forward to soon. I raided Etude House, Innisfree, Aritaum, to name a few. I’m so excited to show you!

Anyways, a week or so ago my mom and I visited the Jeonju Hanok Village. This is a small village in the city of Jeonju, in the North Jeon-la Province, famous for the traditional korean-style buildings that make up the entire small village. There is a small Korean palace and a couple other spots to visit that are wonderful if you want to walk around a village filled with the beauty of traditional Korean architecture.

There are 3 attraction points in the Hanok village:

1. The Architecture

As I mentioned, the buildings in the Hanok village are all built in traditional Korean style, also known as “Hanok.” Korean architecture has a distinct beauty that is unparalleled to other kinds of buildings, and the Hanok village is a great place to visit to see these.

2. The Food

Another important thing that you can’t miss out on in the Hanok village is the food. Jeonju is famous for its amazing bibimbap, which you can find in the village or anywhere in Jeonju, but in the village, walking down the street there are so many stores lined up that have great snacks. Ranging from handmade dumplings to cane-shaped ice cream, the snacks in the street of Hanok village are interesting and delicious.


3. The Hanbok

Remember a couple months ago when I posted an ootd with the Korean traditional dress ‘hanbok’? (Check it out here) In Hanok village, you can rent a hanbok (for both women and men) from any of the stores lining the main streets of the village. It’s not only a unique experience to wear a traditional Korean outfit, but the pictures will turn out awesome.


It was my first time in the Hanok village, and I forgot to take my camera so I had to use my phone, and to make matters worse, it rained all day. But still, somehow, the day was still enjoyable and I look forward to the next time I’ll be in the village. Hopefully next time I’ll also have a certain boi with me! 🙂





Things People Don’t Tell You About Korea



Hello friends! Since I’m going to be travelling a bit for the next month, you guys will get a lot more chatty posts than usual, because I have a limitation as to how many pictures I can take.

I’ll be in Korea until January, and when I mention it, most people will think about KBeauty, all the cutesy things so particular of that area, Korean barbecue… etc. But today I’d like to talk about the things that people don’t tell you about Korea.

South Korea, or the Republic of Korea, is a nation that is built on respect for your elders. It is also one that is obsessed with its beauty standards and has trouble accepting other types of beauty. In Korea, the definition of beauty tends to mimic the general features commonly found in Caucasians, such as big, wide eyes, a tall nose bridge, a small face with a pointy chin, pale skin…

I talk to my friends about how sometimes my self esteem is hit hard when I go to Korea because my family members, especially older relatives, will not hesitate to call me out on my weight, or how tan I am, or my skin troubles.

Most of the time it comes from a good place – they worry that I will not look “pretty enough” in a society where being beautiful is strongly correlated to success in any field. Korean society is heavily tainted by lookism – when you type up “lookism” on Google, the first suggestion is “lookism in Korea.” But even comments out of concern often time are hurtful, as they are genuine and thus mean that my own family sometimes sincerely finds me “not pretty” or even “ugly.”


Another thing that people won’t tell you about Korea that is related to respecting your elders is the upperclassmen-underclassmen culture. One of the reasons I chose to go to university in the US as oppose to Korea is that I knew that I would have trouble dealing with the “school culture” for a lack of a better word.

Similarly to in Japan, in Korea your upperclassmen are your “선배” (suhn-baeh) and your underclassmen are your  “후배” (hoo-baeh). Underclassmen are expected to speak formally to upperclassmen and to treat them as “superiors” in general. There are definitely cases where upperclassmen are much more relaxed and don’t expect too many formalities from their underclassmen, but there are some universities in which the culture draws heavily from the army, where discipline and respect for your superiors is absolutely mandatory and there have been countless reports of accidents that happened due to the “disciplining” that goes on in some schools.

A similar vertical structure society exists in company culture, and it often times even continues on outside the office. Korean offices usually will go out to dinner as a group for a “회식” (hwei-shik). During one of these dinners, it’s disrespectful to refuse drinks that your “superiors” offer you and it is also deemed disrespectful to leave early unless you have an important issue or an emergency.


All in all, even though I disagree with the above things so present in Korean culture, these are also things that many in Korean society recognise as issues that must be fixed – there are many critics of the overbearing lookism in Korean culture as well as the excessive discipline and vertical hierarchy in many parts of society. But I wanted you guys to know that just like there are amazing cool things coming from Korea, there are also some distasteful things. And I don’t want you to think that I don’t like my country – I love my country, its rich culture, the people, and I love that I am from the beautiful nation of South Korea.


Thank you for reading;

see you soon!



Update: Finals Week and Winter Break Plans



Also known as the one week when everything – and I mean everything – becomes incredibly fascinating.

Hello friends, and welcome back to my blog. The semester at my university ended last Friday, and now we’re on day 2 of Finals Week. This is the week when menial tasks such as cleaning become absolutely necessary, and binge watching Netflix shows becomes so much easier.

Luckily for me, this semesters’ finals week has been going absolutely amazingly for me. I only had four finals to begin with, because one of my classes was a lab, and then I learned that because of a special policy that my professor outlined at the beginning of the semester, I was exempt from my final for one of the classes. Then I learned that my final for another class was going to be administered during the last week of classes instead of during finals week, and then I learned that because of how well I did on my last test and because of all the extra credit I’ve been doing throughout the semester, I don’t have to take the third final.

So, I’m currently sitting in my boyfriend’s living room with this roommates, watching episodes of Marvel’s Arrow one after the other while kind-of studying for my one final on Thursday. Pretty sweet, isn’t it? Heh.



On other news, next Monday I’ll be boarding a flight to Korea, where I’ll be spending winter break. I’m excited’ I haven’t been to Korea in about three years, and I have a lot of things I want to get done.

I’m excited to see my family…but I know that according to Korean standards of beauty, I’m pudgy and not pale enough. I also know that my family will not hesitate to tell me those things, and I have not been able to think of a good way to deal with such comments, so as of now, I’m just trying to beef up my self esteem so that I don’t come back feeling like a bag of rubbish.


During my trip I won’t be able to post as often as I was able to during summer break, but I’ve got a couple posts on the works so that I don’t go completely off the grid until February. I’ll try my best to post some pictures from my trip as well as makeup looks, and once I’m back, I’ll be back with some more regular posts with things I get from Korea.



Thank you for reading guys,

and I’ll see you soon


Netflix and Chill – Just Another Night


Hello friends! Today I wanted to talk about what a Netflix-and-Chill kind of night looks for me, from outfits to shows I’d be watching. I’d like to extend a big thank you to AdoreMe (Check out their Pinterest too!) for the inspiration for this post.

I like to describe myself as an “inside-kind of person,” because my ideal night is spent in pajamas, cuddling up with a fluffy blanket, stuffing myself with food, and watching movies or TV all night.



When it comes to outfits for this kind of night, I like to make myself as comfortable as possible, and since I know I’m going to be eating (a lot), I like to go with loose clothes. And while an over sized tee and sweatpants do the job just fine, sometimes I like to add a litle more fashion to my outfit. These two outfits from AdoreMe are the best in this category:

This is Matilda, a two-piece button up pajama set.

I personally love pajama sets like these and I finally got myself a pair while Black Friday shopping, but what I like about Matilda is that it’s simple, loose, comfortable, but also chic.


This is Anabel, a two piece crop top and shorts set.

This set is not only casual enough for chilling, but it would even work as part of a daily outfit. I also love the versatility of this set, because I could pair the top and shorts together in the summer, but I could combine a pair of warm pajama pants with the top in the winter.


When it comes to snacks, both my Wonderfru Boifriend and I can agree that there is no better Netflix Binge Session snack than Ruffles chips and Bison Dip.

Bison French Onion Dip is hands down the absolute best brand of french onion dip. Best I’ve tried so far. This brand is easily found in the Northeast, but you have to look harder in other regions.

And paired with classic Ruffles chips, this is the best salty snack.



Although I’ve only started using Netflix a little over a year ago, I’ve gone through so many shows, and I’ll share my favourite ones with you.

My definite favourite show is House M.D. My boyfriend and I decided to watch through the entire series around the beginning of first year at university, and we finished it a couple months before the end of the school year. House is the perfect combination of drama, comedy, and story. We have yet to find a show that surpasses House.


Another show I love watching is New Girl. New Girl follows the story of Jess, a peppy and quirky schoolteacher that accidentally moves in with three other men. A couple of my friends watch this too, so not only is it the perfect show to just sit down and binge watch by yourself (or with your own Wonderfru Boifriend, if available), but also the perfect show to turn to after a big dinner at home with your friends.



I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this post, and that you try finding if there’s Bison french onion dip available near you, because it’s one of the best things I’ve discovered in the past year.

Thank you for reading!


I Visit – Rochester Abandoned Subway

Rochester Subway Cover.jpg


Hello friends! I live in the Greater Rochester Area, and one of the coolest things in the City of Rochester is the abandoned subway system. This strip of subway system has become a medium of art for many people in the area, and each wall of the system shows a different facet of the city.

My friends and I headed over to check it out, and I thought it would be a great place to get some cool pictures, and I wanted to share some of the pictures I got that day.

Yours Truly,




I Visit: Beach Trip



Hello friends! On Wednesday of the last week my friends and I went on a day trip to the beach. It was cloudy but warm outside, and the beach wasn’t too crowded. We chilled on the sand, played (there is no better word for what we did) in the water, buried people (read: me) in the sand, and overall had a great time.

And this time, I had my personal photographer (read: wonderfru boifriend) with me so there’s many great pictures of me.

We saw an invisible truck






Wonderfru Boifriend likes taking lots of pictures in a row






You can see Wonderfru Boifriend in the reflection of my glasses






This is our sand castle: it has 8.1 Windows

It’s been a while since I posted something about a visit, so I’m happy that I got to post this, and I’d like to thank Wonderfru Boifriend for taking so many great pictures of me so I could post them on my blog.

Now that I’m back at the US and have access to the rest of my makeup, I’ll hopefully be able to post more fun makeup looks soon! I’ll be back with some more fun posts.



Yours Truly,


Also Known as Hey June.

Late Night Rambling: Why I like Monet

Hyemawari (13)


I feel like the more I write about things like these, the more or a crazy mix of things my blog becomes, but I’m fine with it. It’s a “lifestyle” blog, so I think it should include everything I love and want to share.

My favourite artists are Klimt, Monet, and Goya… probably in that order.

I especially enjoy Klimt and Monet’s paintings because they’re so peaceful and easy on the eyes. When you see something from the Renaissance, everyone seems to be talking about the specific techniques used to represent this and that, the direction and strength of the lighting and what it means, the meaning behind the positioning of every single item in the painting…

But in the case of Monet’s paintigs, you don’t have to think about the reason Monet put that tree there or that boat there. He put them there because that’s what he saw. And the colours that he uses blend into each other and seem to spiral in, drawing you into the thoughts that were in the mind of the artist as he whispered each brushstroke onto his canvas. And the reasons that I like Monet are the same reasons for which I love most paintings from the impressionist era, especially landscapes.

I don’t like worrying about every single thing you see everywhere. I know that some things are better when analysed, and that there is a complicated story that you can unravel from doing so that will enhance your experience with that painting, but sometimes I don’t wanna know. I don’t wanna know about the massive revolution that fired David’s paintings. I don’t wanna know about Boticelli’s struggles as an unrecognised artist. Sometimes, I just wanna see the colours, the brushstrokes, the shadows, and see just that.

And if you thought this would eventually become a life analogy…You’re absolutely right.

I feel like ever since I started actually thinking about social interactions and how to be “good” at them, I started overanalysing everything to the point of feeling more comfortable when not saying anything because… you cannot say something wrong if you do not speak at all. At one point in high school, I decided that I had finally had enough and I put some distance between me and the friends that made me feel like I had to analyse every single word I said. Then I started hanging out more with this brilliant girl – she would eventually become my best friend – and other people that didn’t care if I slipped up and said something mean every once in a while.

And when I was with them, it was like staring into a painting by Monet. I could just enjoy the colours and enjoy every single feeling that seeped into me without having to worry whether or not this comment had a deeper, nastier meaning than it seemed to.


And I guess what I’m trying to say is, the best friends you can have are the ones you feel comfortable around. You might have some great friends that have the potential to take you to great places, but if you’re uncomfortable, there’s really no point. At least, it doesn’t for me. Senior year in high school had its ups and downs, as any other year. But the reason I will remember that year and smile is because I had people in my life that made the entire thing amazing.


Have you found your Monet?


Yours Truly,


(p.s. It’s pronounced Hey June)