Netflix and Chill – Just Another Night


Hello friends! Today I wanted to talk about what a Netflix-and-Chill kind of night looks for me, from outfits to shows I’d be watching. I’d like to extend a big thank you to AdoreMe (Check out their Pinterest too!) for the inspiration for this post.

I like to describe myself as an “inside-kind of person,” because my ideal night is spent in pajamas, cuddling up with a fluffy blanket, stuffing myself with food, and watching movies or TV all night.



When it comes to outfits for this kind of night, I like to make myself as comfortable as possible, and since I know I’m going to be eating (a lot), I like to go with loose clothes. And while an over sized tee and sweatpants do the job just fine, sometimes I like to add a litle more fashion to my outfit. These two outfits from AdoreMe are the best in this category:

This is Matilda, a two-piece button up pajama set.

I personally love pajama sets like these and I finally got myself a pair while Black Friday shopping, but what I like about Matilda is that it’s simple, loose, comfortable, but also chic.


This is Anabel, a two piece crop top and shorts set.

This set is not only casual enough for chilling, but it would even work as part of a daily outfit. I also love the versatility of this set, because I could pair the top and shorts together in the summer, but I could combine a pair of warm pajama pants with the top in the winter.


When it comes to snacks, both my Wonderfru Boifriend and I can agree that there is no better Netflix Binge Session snack than Ruffles chips and Bison Dip.

Bison French Onion Dip is hands down the absolute best brand of french onion dip. Best I’ve tried so far. This brand is easily found in the Northeast, but you have to look harder in other regions.

And paired with classic Ruffles chips, this is the best salty snack.



Although I’ve only started using Netflix a little over a year ago, I’ve gone through so many shows, and I’ll share my favourite ones with you.

My definite favourite show is House M.D. My boyfriend and I decided to watch through the entire series around the beginning of first year at university, and we finished it a couple months before the end of the school year. House is the perfect combination of drama, comedy, and story. We have yet to find a show that surpasses House.


Another show I love watching is New Girl. New Girl follows the story of Jess, a peppy and quirky schoolteacher that accidentally moves in with three other men. A couple of my friends watch this too, so not only is it the perfect show to just sit down and binge watch by yourself (or with your own Wonderfru Boifriend, if available), but also the perfect show to turn to after a big dinner at home with your friends.



I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this post, and that you try finding if there’s Bison french onion dip available near you, because it’s one of the best things I’ve discovered in the past year.

Thank you for reading!



I Watch: Room (2015)



Hello friends! A while ago I posted a book review on Emma Donoghue’s novel Room (read the review here), and recently I had the chance to watch the 2015 movie based on the novel with my friends, so I decided to talk about my opinions on the movie today.

I’ll skip the summary of the book/movie since I’ve talked about it in my previous book post.

I don’t want to be one of those annoying people that say “the book was better than the movie,” but in all honesty, I think the movie did a poor job of telling the story of the book.

Room is special in that it is narrated by a five year old whose entire world consisted of a tiny remodeled garden shed before it was expanded into a world where everything is different.

The short voiceover narrations did a mediocre job at recreating the first person point of view of the novel, and I also think the clash between Jack and Ma in their struggle to return to their original worlds – in Ma’s case, outside, and in Jack’s case, Room – was not as emotional and well played out as it could have been. And in a more personal note, the mood that the movie portrayed did not quite match the one I set when reading the book, and my friends’ opinion is that the story was a bit slow.
Is it fair to mention, though, that there are some things that the movie deserves credit for – for instance, the portrayal of Room was spectacular; the silence in between conversations, the claustrophobia of the small space, the darkness that seeps into the corners… And the actors that played the main characters really melted into their characters and their relationship was so natural – just like the relationship between an emotionally unstable young mother and her child.

But while the people were amazing, the story was lacking, which is why I won’t go out of my way to recommend it. I definitely do recommend reading the novel, though, because it’s a great novel that reels you in and gets you emotionally invested in the story.


wat r dis 1.jpg

I Watch: 10 Things I Hate About You



Hello friends! Today I want to talk to you guys about one of my favourite movies of all time, 10 Things I Hate About You. This is a 1999 drama/teen film starring Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Larisa Oleynik. It’s based on William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew and it follows the story of Katarina and Bianca Stratfort, and the men that want to date them for one reason or another.

Kat, the main character, is an atypical rebellious, angsty, smart, and smart-mouthed teenager. She reads Simone the Beauvoir and listens to girl bands, and she hates every “unwashed miscreant” that attends her high school, Padua High School. Among these miscreants is her younger sister, Bianca Stratford, the social butterfly that all men at Padua yearn to date. Then the army brat Cameron James is added to the scene at Padua High, and he soon joins the crowd of men wishing to date Bianca. But Bianca is not allowed to date anybody unless Kat does, and since Kat does not find any of the guys at Padua even remotely attractive, it is up to Cameron to come up with an ingenious way to get somebody to ask Padua’s Shrew out on a couple dates.

The reason that I love this movie so much is Kat’s personality. She is smart, confident, and she does not need to fit in to anybody’s standards. I love these types of characters, a fact that can be supported by my love for the character Daria in the eponymous TV show.

I spent most of my high school life trying to be fit in, to find the coolest version of myself that I could be, and to be completely honest, I think I failed. I did not fail completely, since I did “discover” important parts of myself during high school, but I never reach the level of confidence that Kat struts around Padua with, and I wish that I had watched this movie just a bit sooner.

And while Kat’s outbursts filled with “big words” are incredibly entertaining, my absolute favourite scene in the whole movie is definitely the serenade scene. There is a scene in which Patrick Verona, the main character and Kat’s love interest throughout the movie, serenades Kat with the song “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” by Frank Sinatra, while accompanied by the school marching band. He takes over the PA system in the football field during Kat’s team’s practice, and he manages to get through most of the song before the security guards come after him. That scene is my favourite because 1) I love Frank Sinatra and that song in particular, 2) It was so incredibly and unrealistically romantic.

I guess a big part of the reason I love this movies is that this movie was unrealistic enough for me to enjoy it without thinking too much, but it was also realistic enough so that I could aspire to be like the characters, more specifically Kat. I could watch this movie two, three times in a row and it would make me equally happy, and I would not want to skip a single scene.

I could continue talking about this movie for an eternity, but I want you guys to watch the movie, rather than have me narrate the entirety of it to you. It’s a great movie, and my best description of the movie is not even close to how amazing it really is. I hope you guys enjoy this movie as much as I do, and I hope that you guys all one day become as self-assured and assertive as Kat.


Yours Truly,


Also Known As Hey June.

I Read: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

throne of glass

Throne of Glass is  a young adult novel by Sarah J. Mass that tells the story of young Celaena Sardothien, also known as Adarlan’s Assassin.

Celaena is young, beautiful, and deadly. Raised to be the best, Celaena is the most infamous assassin in all of Erilea. The story starts off in the slave mines of Endovier, where young Celaena is imprisoned until the handsome yet arrogant Crown Prince of Adarlan, Dorian Havilliard, appears, giving her a chance at freedom. Celaena is to join Dorian in the Glass Castle and be the Crown Prince’s Champion in a competition to become the King’s Assassin. But as the competition becomes more heated, a series of mysterious and brutal events start to haunt the castle, and Celaena encounters things beyond her imagination. Will she become the Champion of a man that destroyed everything she had ever loved? Or will the enigmas surrounding the Glass Castle get to her before any of the other Champions can?

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I Read: Room by Emma Donoghue



I was thinking of new things to write about, and my iPad came into my attention. One of the intended purposes for my iPad when I first bought it was to use it as a kindle too, and I have been reading quite a bit off it, so I thought, why not write about it?

Room is a novel by Emma Donoghue about a young woman who was kidnapped and locked in a shed by a older man for seven years. During these seven years, she gave birth to a boy who she named Jack. Jack’s entire world consists of Room and its residents, but Ma wants to expand Jack’s horizon and break free. But is Jack ready for such a change?Read More »