Update: Finals Week and Winter Break Plans



Also known as the one week when everything – and I mean everything – becomes incredibly fascinating.

Hello friends, and welcome back to my blog. The semester at my university ended last Friday, and now we’re on day 2 of Finals Week. This is the week when menial tasks such as cleaning become absolutely necessary, and binge watching Netflix shows becomes so much easier.

Luckily for me, this semesters’ finals week has been going absolutely amazingly for me. I only had four finals to begin with, because one of my classes was a lab, and then I learned that because of a special policy that my professor outlined at the beginning of the semester, I was exempt from my final for one of the classes. Then I learned that my final for another class was going to be administered during the last week of classes instead of during finals week, and then I learned that because of how well I did on my last test and because of all the extra credit I’ve been doing throughout the semester, I don’t have to take the third final.

So, I’m currently sitting in my boyfriend’s living room with this roommates, watching episodes of Marvel’s Arrow one after the other while kind-of studying for my one final on Thursday. Pretty sweet, isn’t it? Heh.



On other news, next Monday I’ll be boarding a flight to Korea, where I’ll be spending winter break. I’m excited’ I haven’t been to Korea in about three years, and I have a lot of things I want to get done.

I’m excited to see my family…but I know that according to Korean standards of beauty, I’m pudgy and not pale enough. I also know that my family will not hesitate to tell me those things, and I have not been able to think of a good way to deal with such comments, so as of now, I’m just trying to beef up my self esteem so that I don’t come back feeling like a bag of rubbish.


During my trip I won’t be able to post as often as I was able to during summer break, but I’ve got a couple posts on the works so that I don’t go completely off the grid until February. I’ll try my best to post some pictures from my trip as well as makeup looks, and once I’m back, I’ll be back with some more regular posts with things I get from Korea.



Thank you for reading guys,

and I’ll see you soon



Netflix and Chill – Just Another Night


Hello friends! Today I wanted to talk about what a Netflix-and-Chill kind of night looks for me, from outfits to shows I’d be watching. I’d like to extend a big thank you to AdoreMe (Check out their Pinterest too!) for the inspiration for this post.

I like to describe myself as an “inside-kind of person,” because my ideal night is spent in pajamas, cuddling up with a fluffy blanket, stuffing myself with food, and watching movies or TV all night.



When it comes to outfits for this kind of night, I like to make myself as comfortable as possible, and since I know I’m going to be eating (a lot), I like to go with loose clothes. And while an over sized tee and sweatpants do the job just fine, sometimes I like to add a litle more fashion to my outfit. These two outfits from AdoreMe are the best in this category:

This is Matilda, a two-piece button up pajama set.

I personally love pajama sets like these and I finally got myself a pair while Black Friday shopping, but what I like about Matilda is that it’s simple, loose, comfortable, but also chic.


This is Anabel, a two piece crop top and shorts set.

This set is not only casual enough for chilling, but it would even work as part of a daily outfit. I also love the versatility of this set, because I could pair the top and shorts together in the summer, but I could combine a pair of warm pajama pants with the top in the winter.


When it comes to snacks, both my Wonderfru Boifriend and I can agree that there is no better Netflix Binge Session snack than Ruffles chips and Bison Dip.

Bison French Onion Dip is hands down the absolute best brand of french onion dip. Best I’ve tried so far. This brand is easily found in the Northeast, but you have to look harder in other regions.

And paired with classic Ruffles chips, this is the best salty snack.



Although I’ve only started using Netflix a little over a year ago, I’ve gone through so many shows, and I’ll share my favourite ones with you.

My definite favourite show is House M.D. My boyfriend and I decided to watch through the entire series around the beginning of first year at university, and we finished it a couple months before the end of the school year. House is the perfect combination of drama, comedy, and story. We have yet to find a show that surpasses House.


Another show I love watching is New Girl. New Girl follows the story of Jess, a peppy and quirky schoolteacher that accidentally moves in with three other men. A couple of my friends watch this too, so not only is it the perfect show to just sit down and binge watch by yourself (or with your own Wonderfru Boifriend, if available), but also the perfect show to turn to after a big dinner at home with your friends.



I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this post, and that you try finding if there’s Bison french onion dip available near you, because it’s one of the best things I’ve discovered in the past year.

Thank you for reading!


Coastal Scents Swatches – 120 Palette 2 Part II



Hello friends! Today I’ve brought you a couple more swatches from the Coastal Scents 120 Palette Two eye shadow palette.

Click here to check out my previous swatch post for this palette!

This is what the entire palette looks like, and the labeling system I’m using to recognise each letter.




Today’s swatches are of columns 5 and 6:

5a-5f: Dark Greens




6a-6f: Blue-purples



Thanks for reading!


ColourPop Swatch – Wild Nothing (Holiday 2016)



Hello friends! I mentioned last time that I bought two of ColourPop’s new Ultra Matte Lips, and today I’ve brought the swatches for the second one I purchased.

This one is Wild Nothing, and according to ColourPop it’s a “dusty plum brown.”



I can’t really tell a huge difference between Wild Nothing and other pink-brown lippies from ColourPop, but luckily I’m into this kind of shade and I think I can rock it pretty well.



Thanks for reading, and make sure to check out my other posts too!

Yours Truly,


Also Known as Hey June.

A Whole Bouquet of Oopsy Daisies


Hello friends! Today I have a rather embarrassing thing to tell you guys. So those of you that post on WordPress will know that WordPress has a “media library” where you can upload pictures to embed in your blog posts.

I’ve been using that feature of WordPress since I started this blog, and since the storage on this media library is limited, I delete old pictures to make space for new ones. Only recently did I realise that when I delete those pictures from the media library, the pictures stop showing up on the posts themselves!

I’m so sorry to those of you that must have been confused because most of my blog posts did not show any pictures. I’m currently in the process of replacing all the pictures – now all pictures on the blog will be embeded from Imgur (hopefully that works out better!)

I’m sorry for the confusion, and I hope to see you guys again soon!




ColourPop Swatch – Perky (Holiday 2016)




Hello friends! Recently ColourPop released their 2016 holiday edition products, and I decided to get my hands on two of their new Ultra Matte Lips: Perky and Wild Nothing.

Previous ColourPop Swatches:

Calypso (Fall Edit)




Today I have the swatch for Perky, which is a “warm tone muted rose.”



I’ve said this before, but ColourPop lippies are always either too brown or too neon. In this case, Perky is a lot more brown-toned than it looks like in the tube. I’m okay with it, because it’s a gorgeous colour, but I’d describe Perky as more of a “warm pink-brown.”

I do like the formula, but I feel like I can’t really tell too much of a difference between Perky, Wild Nothing, Calypso, and Bumble. Next time I make a purchase from ColourPop I’m going to try to buy a more fun colour to make my collection more fun.


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I Visit – Rochester Abandoned Subway

Rochester Subway Cover.jpg


Hello friends! I live in the Greater Rochester Area, and one of the coolest things in the City of Rochester is the abandoned subway system. This strip of subway system has become a medium of art for many people in the area, and each wall of the system shows a different facet of the city.

My friends and I headed over to check it out, and I thought it would be a great place to get some cool pictures, and I wanted to share some of the pictures I got that day.

Yours Truly,