Life Update: Mood Swingin’

Hello friends!


It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything onto my blog, and I think it’s because I had another one of my phases end. I always find myself going through short phases of really liking something, and then losing interest and not coming back to it for a long time. Last summer, I had an “online beauty guru” phase that led to me starting this blog with a lot of beauty content, and I kept posting for a while, until I started losing interest and started posting less and less often.

I’m not particularly proud of this tendency, but I’m glad that I’m at least aware of it.

About a month ago school ended, and I went back home to Guatemala for a short while to see my family and meet up with some friends. Then I came back, and right now I’m over at a different state where my boyfriend (Wonderfru Boifriend himself) and his bestfriend/roommate are working during summer and fall. I’m just visiting for now, cos I’m hoping to find an internship myself to work at during fall.

We’ve been having fun; the three of us have been just hanging out, but we go out shopping, to get smoothies and ice cream, and we went to a Go Kart place last week. I had the boys plan a bunch of things to do while I’m down here, so we’re going to be tackling those one by one and making the most out of our time.

It’s really nice being here, because I’ve never really lived by myself before, and when I was back at New York, I was alone in the house for a while and it got really lonely. It’s so different being by yourself all the time and being by yourself for the morning and then having somebody come home at the end of the day. Initially the guys were convincing me to stay longer, but with each passing day I find myself wanting to stay longer without needing any convincing.

That’s it for major life issues, but I’m sure I’ll be back soon with some pictures when we go on a day trip somewhere.


Yours truly,


(Otherwise known as Hye Joon)


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